Flyer Cancasser ProgramReal Estate investing is based on the fundamentals of knowledge, skills and abilities(KSA’s). This means that once you receive training it must be used and executed to gain experience. We have developed a one-of-a-kind marketing club to enhance KSA’s. Based on market research 91% of investors who close multiple distressed properties per month that are wholesaled, flipped or rented, spend 65% of their time on marketing activities. The major marketing activities identified in this research were letters, postcards and bandit signs. The secret gem that is wildly overlooked is door-to-door marketing campaigns!

What is this type of program? In a nutshell, door-to- door marketing for real estate investing is the placement of marketing materials i.e. standard letter or door hanger placed on each door in targeted neighborhoods. This is a broad based strategy to identify owners that need immediate assistance. This allows investors to gain contact with the owner before it is placed on marketing lists or with a realtor.

What is our process? We have created a turnkey process for investors. We hire canvassers, train canvassers, manage Investors funds for canvassers, pay the canvassers and provide materials to canvassers. The only thing required for each investor is to provide payment to us, select the locations for marketing distribution, and follow-up on lead calls.

Of course, this isn’t the only marketing method that should be used. However, it is a great way to start, maintain or grow your portfolio. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Consistent cost effective marketing to target areas
  2. Little to no labor for participating investors
  3. Hands on experience
  4. Participants receive example scripts
  5. Leads, Leads, Leads

Based on the overwhelming positive feedback, we have established this program for canvasser applicants as well as for investors. This user friendly program will allow us to track successes with each canvasser and streamline the administration for the investors.

At we work very hard to ensure that your success is our first priority. Developing fundamental processes where all can succeed.


Compare To Direct Mail

(Per 500 Flyers)
  Our Program Direct Mail

Full 8.5 x 11 Page


3.5 x 5 Postcard

0.12 cents


Hired Directly


Postage red-x-mark 0.278 cents
Detailed Area Customization green-checkmark red-x-mark
Additional Leads from Vacant Homes


Example Scripts


Higher Hit Rate


Total Cost

(As Low As .25 per address)

(.398 per address)





Only $250 Yearly To Join The Program

plus cost of distribution plan

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